More than just a trend for several years, the natural spirit is making a big comeback in spring. The need to return to the essentials is felt. This is reflected in the use of natural and eco-friendly materials like wood.

This trend is tinged with soft, natural shades of green to evoke a family countryside atmosphere. In this serene atmosphere, we bring in vegetation to give it a springtime and rustic feel. Pastel pink accompanies and enhances the green in this gentle botanical dance.

In this bucolic trend, a simple design is essential. We seek an authentic spirit in line with our inner nature. Prioritize minimalist products in pastel and light tones. The Brodery polypropylene roll from Créastyl perfectly embodies this style with a sage green color and a lace-like pattern.

Kraft papers feature light and floral patterns, gift wrap rolls are decorated with flowers like a herbarium, and kraft bags take on the shades of eucalyptus to give this trend its freshness. Let’s not forget adhesive labels to embellish your packaging, referencing the materials presented in this trend.