Cookie Usage Policy

Cookie Usage Policy

In addition to this cookie policy, we invite you to review our Privacy Policy where you will find information about:
• The processing of personal data carried out through cookies on the website,
• Processing that may be carried out by Third Parties (especially Google services).

1. What is a cookie?

A “cookie” is a set of information, usually small in size and identified by a name, which can be transmitted to your browser by a website you visit. Your web browser will store it for a certain period and send it back to the web server each time you reconnect to it. Cookies have multiple uses: they can be used to remember your customer ID on a merchant site, the current contents of your shopping cart, an identifier to track your browsing for statistical or advertising purposes, and more.
Cookies can be of several types:
• Session cookies, which are automatically deleted when the user closes their browser,
• Permanent cookies, which remain stored on the user’s terminal equipment until a predefined expiration date,
• Third-party cookies, which are “cookies placed on domains different from that of the main site, usually managed by third parties who have been queried by the visited site and not by the user themselves: these cookies may also be necessary for the proper functioning of the site, but they primarily serve to allow the third party to see which pages have been visited on the site in question by a user and collect information about them, especially for advertising purposes” (CNIL definition). This is notably the case with cookies like Google Analytics, Google Ads, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc…

2. What cookies do we use and what are they for?

When you visit our site, various types of cookies may be placed on your computer, mobile, or tablet:
• Cookies strictly necessary for the operation of our site. They are deposited by default and do not require your consent in accordance with regulations.
o These are primarily session cookies that allow user login to the site and authentication on the platform, as well as the memorization of navigation elements during a session. These cookies are essential for user navigation and accessibility to the site and platform. They can be deleted or blocked. However, if you still wish to delete these strictly necessary cookies, some features of the site or platform may not work as expected.

o Other cookies that record user preferences, chosen settings, and previously visited pages are also installed during site navigation. Activating these cookies is not strictly necessary for the site’s operation, but they help improve navigation performance.

o These “cookies” are primarily used to improve the personalized service provided to the user. The data obtained in this way aims to facilitate future navigation on the site. Recaptcha cookies, a Google service that distinguishes physical people from robots by analyzing their behavior on the site to protect it from malicious behavior by third parties;
o Cookies from CookiesYes to collect and remember your cookie preferences.

• Among the cookies subject to prior consent:
o Analytics and statistics cookies (Google Analytics and Matomo). They allow us to analyze user behavior on our site, identify the most visited pages, establish visitor statistics, and link them to the database in our CRM in order to monitor and improve the quality of our services.
o Third-party advertising cookies (Google Ads, DoubleClick, etc.) that enable targeted advertising.
o Video cookies that enhance your user experience by integrating video formats into our site. In order to allow you to view them, YouTube places cookies that are essential for accessing multimedia services. We draw your attention to the fact that we have chosen to opt for the “enhanced privacy mode” offered by YouTube, which according to Google “allows the integration of YouTube videos without using cookies that track viewing behavior.” This feature should prevent the usual deposit of additional cookies by Google that would allow for personalized advertising later on.
These cookies are deposited for a maximum of 13 months, subject to changes in duration made by non-configurable Third Parties (Google, LinkedIn, etc.) according to Créastyl.

3. How to manage your cookies?

During your visits to the site, you are informed of the use of cookies.
In accordance with the detailed list above, the placement of some of our cookies is subject to obtaining your consent. We collect this consent when you connect to the site using a cookie management tool, which:
• Presents the different types of cookies existing on the site,
• Requests your agreement for each category of installed cookies.

No cookies will be installed on your device without your consent, except for those:
• Strictly necessary for the provision of an online communication service expressly requested by you,
• With the exclusive purpose of enabling or facilitating electronic communication.

Using the cookie management tool allows you to actively consent to the installation of cookies and the processing of your browsing data under the conditions and purposes described in this policy and our privacy policy.
At any time, you can modify your choices by clicking on the “Cookie Preferences” link in the footer of our site or by configuring your browser. This allows you to:
• Object to the use of these cookies in general or specifically,
• Be informed each time cookies are used,
• Authorize their use on a case-by-case basis,
• Automatically or periodically delete them.

You can find explanations on how to configure your browser for this purpose on the following websites:

To configure your browsing software, please refer to your browser’s help menu.
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Disabling cookies may reduce the quality of your browsing.
For additional information regarding this policy, please contact us: