Spirit, the gift of creativity specialized in wine and spirits.

CREASTYL is launching its new range dedicated to the world of wines and spirits, and introduces SPIRIT, a packaging range designed to enhance your gift products !

Are you a specialist in Wine, Champagne, Cognac, Beer, or Cider ?

Créastyl offers you a range of products dedicated to your domain.

With a creative and daring design team, SPIRIT products are as varied as they are elegant, with designs crafted to reflect current trends and practicality.

Whether it's a fine vintage wrapped in beautiful paper, a magnum nestled in its case thanks to our gift boxes, or even a quality beer with a bottle and label displayed in our authentic bags, the possibilities offered by the SPIRIT range are diverse !

A wide selection of packaging for wine bottles, available individually or in bulk.

Because the quality of packaging both enhances the customer experience and serves as a communication tool for your brand, Créastyl offers you various customization options for your gift packaging for bottles. Gift papers, tissue paper, bags and pouches, boxes and packaging... All the materials offered by Créastyl can be tailored to fit the needs of a wine shop, a producer, a store, or a wine bar.

Customized Wine Packaging with a Range of Personalization Options

As a French company specializing in festive and creative packaging, Créastyl offers a wide range of gift bags and packaging accessories for wines, beers, and spirits through its SPIRIT collection. These are designed for wine shops, wineries, gourmet stores, regional product boutiques, as well as gift and souvenir shops. The range consists of multiple collections, each focusing on producer expertise, vineyard products, organic and natural offerings. Each collection includes sachets, patterned kraft bags, luxury bags with smooth heavy paper, labels, ribbons, gift wrap rolls, and printed transparent rolls. Rolls of 10, 50, or 120 meters are particularly suitable for packaging wine cases and gift sets.

Crafted to provide your customers with the best shopping experience, Créastyl gift bags feature securely attached high-quality handles and reinforced bottoms, ensuring optimal protection for the bottle during transportation. For a natural or refined look, handles come in twisted or flat styles, woven from cotton or cord material.

Explore the extensive selection of elegant boxes from the Allure range, featuring black or gold cardboard boxes with magnetic closures. Perfect for exceptional wines or spirits as gifts, they are designed to accommodate a single bottle, a magnum, or a set of 2 to 3 bottles. The addition of a simple kraft bag simplifies transportation for the customer.

One Range, Multiple Ambiances

Specially designed for the most precious bottles,
Specially designed for the most precious bottles, our SPIRIT range will charm both those who give and those who receive !


Our creative team has envisioned a packaging range to showcase your wines and spirits, your beers, whiskies, rums...


CREASTYL accompanies you. Looking to customize packaging ? CREASTYL is here to assist.


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