Cellophane roll

Discover the Creastyl polypropylene rolls. Made from polypropylene plastic, it is easily recyclable and provides moisture protection. Packaging your parcels, gifts, and items becomes a joy with our polypropylene rolls. Our Creastyl packaging allows you to showcase your products. Comfort and protection guaranteed.

  • Moisture protection
  • Assured protection
  • Certified “Origine France Garantie” (Guaranteed Made in France)
  • Made in Roubaix, France
  • 100% recyclable


Looking for a sturdy and resilient gift packaging? Choose our polypropylene rolls. Made in France, customizable, high-quality, and durable, Creastyl rolls cater to your needs. From catering to floristry and various sectors in the agri-food industry, our customers are already won over. Our film and its various options are highly appreciated, just like the way it enhances each product. Durable and easy to use, each product comes in a variety of colors, thicknesses, and patterns. Explore all the designs offered by Creastyl in our catalog: from trendy patterns to motifs tied to calendar holidays (Valentine’s Day, Easter, weddings, Mother’s Day, Christmas…), you’ll find the perfect roll to elevate your flower bouquets or gift baskets!


The advantage of polypropylene lies in its versatile usage. Printing, choice of substrate, weight, and micron thickness – its production allows for stylish product closure. Its transparent nature ensures good visibility of products, even when protected against humidity or any other potential damage sources. Made from a robust and resilient polypropylene substrate, each Creastyl roll can be tailored to your needs. These rolls can be personalized with your logo using a scattered effect, repeated positioned pattern, or even a reserved print. Our water-based ink ensures exceptional print quality while maintaining a product that’s 100% recyclable!


Our rolls are manufactured using innovative techniques that employ water-based inks and high-quality paper, right here in France, at the heart of our facilities in Roubaix. Each roll will lend your event or packaging a professional and elegant appearance. You won’t find higher quality rolls on the current market. Our range of high-quality polypropylene packaging is perfect for all occasions. Durable and easy to carry, our selection of colors and patterns adds a pleasant and distinctive touch to every use. Choose from a variety of motifs and prints to find the perfect wrapping paper. Package with style, courtesy of Creastyl!

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