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Tissue paper, bag, pouch, gift box, wrapping paper... Packaging holds as much significance as what it unveils: a beautiful bottle, a fragrance, a book, clothing, a box of chocolates...

Because packaging that reflects your identity makes all the difference, every day at Créastyl, we deploy our technical and creative resources to produce a variety of packaging in the colors of your brand, your identity.

As a French company certified ISO 50001, Imprim’vert, and Origine France Garantie, Créastyl also invites you to embrace an eco-responsible approach.

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Créastyl is a French company specialized in manufacturing high-quality gift wrapping paper. With a wide range of colors and patterns, Créastyl can create the perfect packaging for your brand. As a certified ISO 50001, Imprim'vert, and Origine France Garantie company, Créastyl is also committed to an eco-responsible approach. Indeed, Créastyl prints using water-based inks on certified PEFC kraft paper (sourced from managed forests). So, choose quality and sustainability, choose Créastyl.

The French company Créastyl is a major player in gift packaging production. Recognized for its expertise and creativity, Créastyl offers high-quality products that are sure to impress. Whether you need wrapping paper for a special occasion or packaging for a new product, Créastyl has what you need. Explore all our products that can be customized too!

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