Gift boxes

For retail establishments, boxes and gift sets are essential accessories that allow professionals to showcase their products and provide an enhanced shopping experience for customers. Explore the range of gift boxes designed in France by Créastyl: sturdy and high-quality boxes, crafted in Roubaix using eco-friendly and cost-effective materials (smooth kraft or coated paper). Perfect for packaging wine and spirits bottles for wine merchants, as well as for gifting beer bottles!


Packaging plays a significant role in commerce, both for the quality of service and brand visibility. With its customizable gift boxes, Créastyl offers reliable and elegant packaging solutions designed to showcase the product and convey a positive image of your establishment. Our cardboard boxes, available in various shapes and materials, can be customized with your brand’s logo, information, or message in your chosen color or multicolored (up to 4 colors). Your design or text can be printed in a specific location, such as on the lid and/or sides of the box, or it can be used for a reserve print: in this case, the entire box is printed in your chosen color, and the design appears in negative, using the original color of the box. Créastyl also offers a window-cutting service, allowing you to choose the shape and size of the opening if you prefer a box with a window. Gift boxes are high-end accessories, frequently used for special events (birthdays, weddings, year-end celebrations, promotions) and for luxury items that require elegant packaging. That’s why Créastyl also provides exceptional customization options, such as the possibility of hot stamping and UV varnish. This way, your wine, spirits, or beer bottles will be beautifully packaged, reflecting your brand image.


The extensive range of Créastyl gift sets ensures you always have the perfect gift box for every product. Choose from a coordinated set including hat-box style boxes, sturdy boxes with magnetic lids that serve as a showcase for exceptional bottles, versatile rectangular boxes, or even flat-packed cases that are convenient for storage in a professional setting. Our gift boxes provide the best support for your products, thanks to their availability in different thicknesses (expressed in grams per square meter), easy closure, customization option, and the range of other packaging accessories they can be paired with: cord, ribbon, matching bag, as well as tissue paper printed with your chosen patterns. Crafted from smooth brown kraft material for a natural look or coated paper with matte or glossy lamination for an elegant touch, our boxes are suited for multiple and repeated uses: given as gift boxes with purchases or for the secure transport of pastries and/or bottles, they can be reused by customers as storage containers.

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