Gift tissue paper

Our range of wrapping paper sheets, available in kraft paper, tissue paper, coated paper, and polypropylene, is primarily designed for product protection during transportation, as well as for gift wrapping. These packaging sheets come precut in reams for easy handling and time-saving. Perfect for various situations, our paper packaging sheets also align with the growing trend of eco-friendly gift customization. Customizable, durable, and of high quality, our wrapping paper sheets meet all your needs.


Créastyl offers you unique and personalized wrapping paper sheets. Ideal for in-store use, their ecological nature and production are increasingly demanded by consumers. As an alternative to plastic, wrapping paper is captivating and provides great flexibility in terms of format, weight, and texture, among which we offer:

Tissue paper: perfect for protecting fragile and delicate items. Explore our wide range of available colors following the latest trends in our catalog! Coated paper Brown or white kraft paper: excellent for wrapping products or filling empty spaces in a box or package. Polypropylene: also known as cellophane or plastic protective film, it’s ideal for showcasing gift boxes or gift baskets! According to your preferences and needs in terms of dimensions, weight, and design, Créastyl offers the customization of your packaging. Our company provides a wide variety of print designs to choose from, so you can find the product that perfectly suits your use and style. Our wrapping paper sheets can also be personalized with, for example, your store’s name or a message, making them even trendier and more unique. Recyclable, Créastyl’s paper sheets enhance each package and gift.


If you wish to wrap your gifts responsibly, purchasing Créastyl wrapping paper sheets is a thoughtful solution. Créastyl has the perfect solution for you. Our eco-friendly wrapping paper is made from recyclable materials, making it biodegradable and easy to use.


An eco-responsible evolution and a diverse range of choices define our Créastyl product range: bags, boxes, labels, ribbons, bottle packaging, or kraft paper – you only need to choose the type of packaging that suits you. Our products, manufactured at our Roubaix site in Hauts-de-France, bear the Imprim’vert and Iso 50001 labels, guaranteeing quality. Our coated papers and kraft paper are printed with water-based inks, PEFC certified, and also carry the Origine France Garantie label. Créastyl is a unique and innovative packaging company that can provide creative and eye-catching designs for your products. Our top priority is always to satisfy you and enhance your brand image in a unique way. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services. If you’re already convinced, purchase our Créastyl wrapping papers today.

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