Paper kraft bag gift

Perfect solutions for packaging your delicate products and gift items, Créastyl pouches combine quality and durability. Explore our range of Made in France pouches, manufactured in Roubaix, and our numerous customization options to showcase your brand or products. A product of guaranteed French origin, our paper pouches ensure both strength and design.


With Créastyl, offer your customers a sleek and sturdy gift pouch and enhance your visibility! Thanks to our numerous customization options, our kraft bags and gusset bags are also your best advertising tool. We offer various printing types, in a single color of your choice or multicolored (up to 6 colors). Printed with water-based ink, our gift bags boast excellent printing quality and a reduced CO2 footprint. Beyond color, you can also choose the patterns for your paper pouches: a scattered pattern, a repeated positioned pattern, or even a pattern in reserve on a colored background. These are all ways to personalize your envelope pouch or bag, highlighting a product, an event, your brand, or information. Depending on your preference and the type of item to be packaged, you can opt for a simple and natural material or a more upscale finish: we offer our bags in brown kraft, white kraft, and coated paper models (smooth surface), each available in various grammages (from 50 to 80 g/m²). Our customization service caters to all types of businesses: bookstores, accessory boutiques, souvenir shops, concept stores, as well as gourmet stores.


With the end of single-use plastic, businesses are reinventing their service offerings to ensure their customers have the best experience. Serving as a dual alternative to plastic bags and rolled gift paper, paper bags are essential accessories for a variety of sectors, both food and non-food related. A bag can be offered to the customer when purchasing a gift item or provided for a few cents as a replacement for the traditional single-use bag. Eco-friendly, Créastyl paper bags are reusable and therefore more responsible than sheets of gift wrapping paper. Our catalog offers a wide range of dimensions, from the flat 7 x 12 cm size to the gusseted 31 x 8 x 49 size. For any request for a customized product, we can offer different shapes based on the type of items to be packaged: versatile gusseted or non-gusseted bag formats, pouch envelopes with foldable edges, SOS bags, or even pouches with 3 gussets and a foldable closure flap for larger items. Our catalog offers a wide range of dimensions, from the flat 7 x 12 cm size to the gusseted 31 x 8 x 49 size.

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