Luxury paper bag

As specialists in gift packaging and commercial packaging, Créastyl offers you a range of luxury paper bags for your boutique. Take care of your clientele, refine your sense of service, and enhance your business’s image with exceptional and customizable packaging. The Créastyl luxury paper bag combines quality and durability to provide the best customer experience for your visitors.


Créastyl allows you to offer perfectly tailored laminated bags in your store that align with the essence of your brand and the characteristics of your products, thanks to a wide range of options in terms of material, weight, color, and finish. Our bags are available in matte or glossy laminated coated paper with a protective varnish, with a gram per square meter ratio ranging from 130 to 350. These varying thicknesses accommodate the transportation of lightweight products as well as heavy and delicate decorative items or bottles. Our printing options enable complete personalization of your luxury paper bag, displaying your brand name, logo, advertising message, or event promotion. Créastyl’s printing can be monochrome or multi-color, positioned or reserved, single or double-sided. We also offer the possibility of hot stamping, selective varnish, embossing, or even internal printing, creating highly premium paper bags that can also serve as gift packaging.


The Créastyl paper bag stands out due to its high-quality craftsmanship, making it ideal for valuable items. It offers an extensive range, allowing you to choose the desired format, and includes top-notch custom finishing options: reinforced cardboard at the top of the fold and at the bottom of the bag, personalized window cutouts for showcasing your products or matching gift boxes, perforations, velcro closures, message cards attached with a ribbon, classic or Japanese bottom. Créastyl bags are suitable for businesses with a natural identity as well as luxury boutiques, featuring personalized details even down to the handles: braided or flat cord, paper handles, or handles formed through automatic die-cutting. Créastyl’s luxury paper bags are also a preferred and cost-effective means of communication, reused by customers as shopping bags or gift packaging, effectively spreading your visual identity!

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