Let’s embrace the joyful, bright, and summery colors with this trend. Pinks, deep blues, and lime greens are combined with natural materials like kraft and raw wood. Don’t forget to add touches of pastel colors to bring a comforting cocoon-like feel.

Geometric patterns blend with floral motifs, ranging from a tropical ambiance to a more Japanese-inspired one with cherry blossoms. The gift wrap roll peacefully evokes these Japanese flowers with a navy blue background to enhance them and create a contrast. It’s a mix of styles that ultimately harmonizes perfectly and adorns gift papers and other packaging for a cheerful mix and match.

We also love this somewhat eclectic trend that will decorate all presents in an original way. For Father’s Day, opt for packaging with a geometric style in blue and wood tones. This natural graphic trend is a great way to break away from the ordinary and stand out !

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