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Wrapping a Gourmet Basket with Transparent Paper may seem simple, but it’s important to do it properly to protect the contents and present the product nicely. Packaging is a crucial aspect when it comes to creating a memorable and professional gift. If your basket’s packaging is poorly done, the products may shift and break during transport, leaving a negative impression

The movement isn’t new, but the trend has intensified with the coronavirus crisis. According to an Opinion Way survey, 64% of French people claim to have increased their consumption of French products since the Covid outbreak. Becoming a purchasing lever, the ‘Made in France’ label is displayed on many products. Why is it important to consider this when choosing your

Regardless of your industry, kraft paper has never been more in style. Perfect for showcasing your products and enhancing your communication, it also addresses multiple concerns expressed by consumers. Equivalent to denim in your wardrobe, kraft paper is a timeless choice for your packaging. But it’s a timeless choice that is more popular than ever, and for good reason. It

When it comes to packaging, color is an essential element to attract your potential customers. Before the logo, graphics, or text, it’s the first thing people will notice. In fact, color can even influence the sales of your products. Studies confirm that color influences purchase decisions in nearly 9 out of 10 cases. But more importantly, the color associated with

Gift wrapping is a key element for businesses, as it helps reinforce brand image, increase customer satisfaction, and maximize sales. However, in an increasingly competitive market, standing out from the competition with ordinary gift packaging is becoming more difficult. That’s why it’s important to find original ways to create a unique and remarkable gift packaging.   The bow is one

Creating a beautiful gift wrapping for Christmas doesn’t have to be difficult. You can use simple techniques to make your wrapping look professional and elegant. In this article, our packaging experts at Créastyl will share their best tips for achieving a beautiful gift wrapping to place under the tree. Whether you’re feeling creative or looking for a practical and quick

With its spicy aroma wafting through the aisles of Christmas markets, mulled wine immerses us in the holiday spirit. Delve into the history and secrets of this uniquely spiced beverage. A Tradition Dating Back 2000 Years Wine, honey, dates, and spices… Does this kind of mixture remind you of something? Yes, indeed, ‘mulled wine’ – boiled back in the day

Dressing Your Bottles with Elegance for the Holiday Season Dressing your bottles with elegance for the holiday season isn’t something that can be improvised! Your customers want the packaging to match the contents’ quality and also align with their values. Here are the trends to follow for this Christmas 2022. 1. Perfect Aesthetics Whether they’re bringing it to a dinner

5 Essential Drinks for the Holidays

From Christmas to New Year’s, there is no shortage of opportunities to celebrate with loved ones. To mark these festive moments, the French uncork champagne, but not only that! Let’s take a closer look at the most beloved drinks of the holiday season. In this end-of-year period, it’s time to celebrate. Christmas and New Year’s are indeed synonymous with reunions